How to View All Charges on Your Portal

Hello all! We made this post for our residents who are sometimes not sure what the details of their portals are. Its a quick video that shows how to access a more detailed view. We hope it helps.  

Saba Housing Scholarship Winner: Tristan R

We’re happy to announce the winner of the first Saba Housing Student Scholarship. Tristan has been a saba housing resident for over a year now and he is currently a student at UC San Diego. He is majoring in Mathematics and Economics and this scholarship should help him focus on his studies. If you or anyone you know could use some financial support for their¬†school, please apply here:    

Testimonial Highlight: Corrine from Los Angeles

The fear of the unknown. Whether you are moving for work, school, or simply to try something new; finding a home and proper roommates is part of that unknown. When you start moving, whether is down the street or across the Atlantic ocean, there are so many questions that you start to ask yourself: Will I like my roommates? Did I pick the right house? I started asking myself those same questions when I moved […]

Saba Housing Launches Scholarship To Help Residents With Rent

Saba housing is proud to announce the launch of our first scholarship intended to help current saba housing residents that are students. The awards of the scholarship include: 1 month of rent, 3 months of rent, and 6 months of rent. We hope the aim of this scholarship is to reduce the cost of living on students that are focusing on school. To apply for the scholarship simply click here:  

Low Income Housing Resources in San Diego

We strive to help as many people find housing in San Diego. Recently, we noticed a lot of messages from individuals and families looking for help with being able to afford a home.¬† In an effort to help you with your search, we have put together a handful of resources to help you find your perfect home. These resources below are specifically for low-income families or people. We hope that these resources help. We aim […]